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Military MBAs at Booth

Prior to b-school, Shaliya Dehipawala was a Field Artillery Officer in the United States Army. Knowing that he was making a big transition from the military to business, Shaliya wanted to be challenged in the classroom and to have a tight-knit community he could count on. The responsiveness of Booth’s Armed Forces Group during the MBA admissions process signaled to Shaliya that it would also be a supportive environment as a student. This proved to be true! Read on to hear more from Shaliya’s experience at Booth.

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Economies of Scale: booth’s acapella group

My favorite club at Booth from Day 1 has been Economies of Scale. No, it’s not a weight loss club, as a few people have thought. Economies of Scale is Booth’s Acapella group! It turns out not that many people think they are good at singing because whenever I try to get more students to join they say, “You don’t want to hear me sing.” Well, what I love about Economies of Scale is that we are open to all ability levels and are just here to have fun.

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MILitary MBAs at booth

Before coming to Booth, Matt Johnson was an Assault Amphibian Officer in the Marine Corps. Ongoing support from Booth’s Armed Forces Group and being able to shape his MBA experience from Day 1, set Matt up for success in a way that a one-size-fits-all curriculum wouldn’t have. We spoke with several of Booth’s veteran students about what makes Chicago Booth such a great place for members of the military to earn their business degree. Read on to hear what Matt had to say.

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New Frontiers in Digital and Data: Planning Booth’s Marketing Conference

Every year, the Marketing Group hosts the Annual Booth Marketing Conference. This year as co-chair, I helped organize the event at the Standard Club in downtown Chicago and it proved to be a rewarding leadership experience that was also personally close to my heart. The goal of the conference is to educate students about new trends in marketing, allow them to meet and hear the stories and challenges of successful marketers, and provide an opportunity for students to engage with a variety of companies, all while considering marketing as a future career.

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