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How to Never Pay for Food @ Booth

To set the record straight—this is not a stereotypical, morally-gray, business school student’s “How to Commit Petty Theft.” This is a guide to maximize your student loan dollars (so that you can go on Winter ski trips and island Spring Break getaways). Presenting, the top 10 sources of free food at Booth:

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Alright, I’m Ready for My Close-Up: The Phoenix Film Festival

Do you sometimes feel like less of a Gene Fama and more like a Gene Hackman? Want to practice your story-writing to prepare for internship recruiting? Want to show that you’re the funniest person at Booth? Want to prove you have the most entertaining cohort? I have some good news for you.

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And on Fridays….we LPF!

Note: LPF stands for Liquidity Preference Function….in true Boothie fashion, a play on words on two of our great passions, drinks and investments!

LPF is a weekly social tradition here at Booth that I really love.  On Friday afternoons, students, faculty, and staff come together to celebrate the end of week over food and drinks in the Winter Garden.  Typically, a student group will sponsor the week’s LPF and the food, decorations or entertainment will reflect the interests of that group.  For example, one of the first LPFs of the year featured “All Things Chicago” with deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, hot dogs, and popcorn.  The Retail and Luxury Group raffled prizes for Lo & Sons bags and had a presentation on the future of retail.  AudioBooth, our music-lovers group, hosted an off-campus LPF where student bands performed.

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