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Switching things up, Part III: Exploring a new country

One thing which I realized after moving to the US was that holidays here are very different from the country I am from. In India, holidays and family festivities are centered around Diwali, while here in the US it starts from the Thanksgiving week and ends with Christmas and New Years.  Like most of the internationals living far away from their families, I took this opportunity to get together with other international students and travel around the US. Having just moved to the US, I had a clean slate of travel adventures to write upon. Over my 2 years here at Chicago Booth, I got to travel much more than I have travelled before. This is also thanks to enthusiastic bunch of students at Booth who are always ready to join. Continue reading Switching things up, Part III: Exploring a new country


Class of 2017, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to Booth! We’re all so excited for you, and a little jealous at the same time since all of you are just about to start an amazing two year journey that we, the class of 2015 are just finishing. You’re in for something special, and if you don’t know that already you will after the first minute of First Day, which you should all attend!


I’m an Ally

Picture yourself in class at Booth. You may be halfway between taking notes and refreshing your Instagram feed. At some point, you look across the room. One of your classmates has a purple sticker on her name tent with a rainbow flag on the bottom. You read on the sticker the word “Ally.” You may not realize it, but you’ve just taken the first step toward becoming an OUTreach ally! Continue reading I’m an Ally