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What it’s like being a part of the New Venture Challenge 2016

I always knew that I wanted to participate in the New Venture Challenge since I had heard so much about it when I was applying to Booth. Don’t know what the New Venture Challenge is? Gordon gave a good summary of it here. My interest in NVC grew once spring quarter arrived my first year and I found out that some of my friends were on teams like Maestro (now Tovala) or Weelio (both teams that competed in the 2015 New Venture Challenge). I saw them wearing their team shirts, prepping for pitches, and sharing the new milestones their companies were reaching in a matter of weeks.

This year, I’m getting to participate in the excitement too!

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A Reflection on the SXSW MBA Pitch Competition

The energy from my team is exultant. They’ve just announced the winners for the 3rd Annual MBA Pitch Competition at SXSW Interactive – and we, Riviter, took first place! One of the judges, an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Texas, approaches and asks which business school we’re from. “Chicago Booth,” one of us replies. “Oh,” he says, grinning. “I should’ve guessed. That’s where all of the entrepreneurs I meet are from these days.”

That makes me proud – because, slight allowance for hyperbole aside, he’s right.

Way back in 2012, I came to Chicago for my admissions interview. My former coworker, Dave, was at Booth and launching a start-up. He knew I was interested in entrepreneurship, so the night before my interview he took me to SeedCon 2012, an annual conference hosted by the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club. I arrived just in time to hear the opening keynote from the founder of Alinea, Continue reading A Reflection on the SXSW MBA Pitch Competition