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Mothers At Booth | WOmen’s History Month

Here on The Booth Experience, we acknowledge that these are trying times in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, in honor of Women’s History Month, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing women at Booth! Today we highlight MBA students who are also mothers. Out of an average class size of 600 students, full-time students embracing motherhood make up less than 0.9 percent of each cohort.

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Booth Partners: A community within our community

Two years ago, I was anxiously awaiting business school acceptances. Not for me, but for my boyfriend Andrew. In the months leading up to the decisions, I had distracted myself with proofreading his essays, helping him with practice interviews, and researching different business schools and the cities they were in. When Andrew got his acceptance at Booth, it finally hit me that we would be leaving San Francisco. And not just San Francisco, but all my friends and family were in California, where I was born and had lived my whole life. We were about to move halfway across the country to a city with real winter, where I basically knew no one, and had no job lined up. Though all of that was truly daunting, I couldn’t help but be excited for the adventure.

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Winter Formal: Booth’s Signature Event

As I type this, my browser is full of open tabs for Rent the Runway and My fiancé just dropped by the mailroom to pick up the velvet bow tie he bought online. Partners around the country are booking flights to Chicago, and phones throughout MPP (the condo building where the majority of Boothies live) are buzzing from group chats discussing pregame destinations.

It’s that time of year again. Booth’s biggest event of the year, Winter Formal, is less than three weeks away! Boothies and their partners are dusting off the gowns and tuxedos they bought for a wedding three years ago because “I’ll definitely wear it again.” First Years are finally unpacking those stylish blue or grey suits and patterned ties that Investment Banking Group (IBG) and Management Consulting Group (MCG) wouldn’t let them wear during recruiting. I thought I would channel my excitement into reliving some memories from last year’s gala.

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MILitary MBAs at booth

Before coming to Booth, Matt Johnson was an Assault Amphibian Officer in the Marine Corps. Ongoing support from Booth’s Armed Forces Group and being able to shape his MBA experience from Day 1, set Matt up for success in a way that a one-size-fits-all curriculum wouldn’t have. We spoke with several of Booth’s veteran students about what makes Chicago Booth such a great place for members of the military to earn their business degree. Read on to hear what Matt had to say.

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Spotlight on Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15 – October 15, celebrates the contributions of Hispanic-Americans who have influenced American culture for centuries. In celebration, The Booth Experience Team is highlighting students Juan Pagan, ’21, and Alexandra Salgado, ’21, as they share their unique experiences. This year, we are celebrating Latinx Heritage Month at UChicago with a series of events and festivities.

I grew up in the Southeast side of Los Angeles, in a predominantly blue-collar Latino neighborhood. My childhood was shaped by stories of heroism from the Mexican Revolution and weekend carne asadas (BBQ’s) surrounded by a close-knit family. When I think of what Latinx Heritage Month means to me, it is a celebration of all of these things—the elements that root me in my culture—but it is also a recognition of the many ways we as Latinos have shaped our own identity in the United States. 

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