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the world is your classroom: global social impact practicum (part II)

This is the second post of a two-part series, the first of which can be found here.

Last you heard from me, I was gearing up to jet off to India along with 15 of my classmates as part of the Global Social Impact Practicum (GSIP), an experiential course at Booth in which students explore how social innovation can help solve some of India’s biggest challenges. As a brief recap, my group is partnering with a team at the Pritzker School of Medicine that has developed an oral cancer screening and diagnostic kit that they hope to bring to market in India.

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Next Generation Storytelling: A conversation with the CEO of Adobe

For many technologists, Adobe is an example of innovation, collaboration, and impact. I still remember visiting the Adobe office in San Jose, as part of the tech trek last year, and was in awe with the tailored “customer experience” created by Adobe employees. As visitors, we were taken care of every step of the way, just as actual Adobe customers are when they interact with Adobe’s products. I always wondered, how did Adobe’s leadership excel at staying ahead of the enterprise marketing industry while creating great employee culture? The answer, in part, lies with its CEO, Shantanu Narayan.

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What I learned from Pfizer’s Global President

Amidst the many activities competing for Booth students’ time (e.g., recruiting, classwork, student groups, social events), a full classroom of students made it their priority during lunchtime to hear Booth alum Andy Schmeltz, ’97, speak about his career in the pharma space, where he is now the Global President and General Manager of Pfizer Oncology, which has a portfolio of 22 different medicines and is responsible for over $7B in annual revenue.

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Deciphering Consumer Desires with Data

For Lindie Wang, ’19, understanding marketing and making the best decisions comes down to leveraging and understanding the limitations of data. During her time at Booth, uncovering the power of analytics—and understanding the limitations of numbers—has been a critical lesson for her career as a brand manager. “Data was a big part of my exceptional marketing education at Booth,” she said.

Here, Lindie reveals how her marketing education experience at Booth is transforming her post-MBA career and discusses her outlook on the future of marketing.

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When Marketing Meets Innovation

When Shota Ido, ’19, applied to Booth, he’d already identified his next career move.  In an application essay for Booth, he outlined his goal of becoming a product manager at an enterprise tech company after graduation.

Now, thanks in part to the opportunities he had as a Kilts Marketing Fellow, Shota will realize that goal. Upon graduation, he’s joining Adobe as a product manager in the tech giant’s San Jose, California-based office.

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