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NVC Series – Company Profile: LemonBox

Two weeks ago, we started the NVC Series by laying out what you can expect to see. One of the components we want to show is the variety of the businesses involved in the competition — in terms of industry, stage, and management team.  To provide a little flavor, throughout the competition we will introduce a few teams from various angles, such as their business ideas, the feelings of the team members during the competition, and lessons learned. We believe it is more interesting and authentic to tell the story with a first person narrative… So here is the first sip of the “juice”: LemonBox from one of the founders, Cindy Nan, ’17.

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Interview with Social Enterprise Initiative Director Christina Hachikian

Last week, I sat down with Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) Director Christina Hachikian to learn more about her new lab class, Scaling Social Innovation. But what I took away from our discussion was so much more. I left with a deeper appreciation for the huge challenges that social sector institutions face to scale their work in order to make impactful sustainable changes, and for the myriad ways SEI equips students and alumni to make an impact in the social space.  Proving yet again… Booth is so much more than a finance school! Continue reading Interview with Social Enterprise Initiative Director Christina Hachikian

LoL – Not Only Short for Laugh out Loud

What is in your mind when someone mentions a business with more than 100 million monthly (27 million daily) active users? For me, social network and instant messaging seemed to be the only safe bets – it is the same size as Pinterest or LinkedIn according to Statista 2016 data. But let’s try harder and I will give you some hints – the average session length is around 40 minutes… in a row! Still no clue?

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Startup Spotlight: TransparentMBA

In case you hadn’t noticed, Booth is abuzz with Entrepreneurship. Each Spring, the New Venture Challenge (NVC) kicks off, and the excitement is present all over Harper Center. NVC strategy sessions fill the Winter Garden, customer research interviews consume the conference rooms, and venture capitalists and famous entrepreneurs roam the halls to help with judging and coaching sessions.

The latest and greatest news is this awesome article on Poets & Quants on NVC semi-finalist TransparentMBA and its exponential growth in the last 4 months. We asked CEO Mitch Kirby to share more about what it’s been like starting up this awesome new company…

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What it’s like being a part of the New Venture Challenge 2016

I always knew that I wanted to participate in the New Venture Challenge since I had heard so much about it when I was applying to Booth. Don’t know what the New Venture Challenge is? Gordon gave a good summary of it here. My interest in NVC grew once spring quarter arrived my first year and I found out that some of my friends were on teams like Maestro (now Tovala) or Weelio (both teams that competed in the 2015 New Venture Challenge). I saw them wearing their team shirts, prepping for pitches, and sharing the new milestones their companies were reaching in a matter of weeks.

This year, I’m getting to participate in the excitement too!

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