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The World is Your Classroom: Global Social Impact Practicum (Part I)

As Fall Quarter wraps up, most Boothies are gearing up for some much needed rest and relaxation. For fifteen of my classmates and me, however, our term is not quite over. Once our finals are complete this week, we will jet off to India as part of the Global Social Impact Practicum (GSIP), a class at Booth that marries innovation with social impact in an emerging market. The course is facilitated by the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, Booth’s destination for those committed to helping solve complex social and environmental problems.

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Social Impact and stewardship at booth

My name’s Sean, and among some of the hats that I wear, I Co-Chair the Graduate Business Council (GBC) Social Impact and Sustainability Committee with Aditya Srinath. I was asked to write about my experience in Social Impact at Booth, so let me set the scene and start from the beginning…

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Expanding the Classroom with Social Impact in India

I came to Booth not only to build out my investing skill-set but to discover how to use those skills to better society. The Global Social Impact Practicum (GSIP) is helping me reach that goal.


Finding my Voice at Booth

When I started at Booth I knew that one of the skills I wanted to continue to cultivate was public speaking. I had always been in awe of the fluency with which great business and political leaders were able to speak in front of their respective audiences. While I wanted to strive towards that oratory ease, I still maintained a common case of stage nerves and fear of blanking in the middle of my speech.

I knew the more I practiced the better I would be, so I leveraged all of the different opportunities at Booth as ways to develop this muscle. Whether it be running for cohort president (where candidates are required to make a small speech in front of classmates) or signing up for Persuasion class, I was determined to find ways to get more practice reps in.

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Growing my Social Impact Startup at Chicago Booth

I’m dual a degree MBA/MPP full time student, and I also run a social enterprise. KitcheNet provides urban food deserts (areas without access to quality nutrition) with easy access of affordable fresh produce and food education to empower and celebrate community wellness.

We’ve been in operation since August 2017, and so far have served more than 200+ boxes (1000 pounds of fresh food) to the Englewood community in Chicago. I often get asked how I ended up being a social entrepreneur while pursuing dual grad degrees. And how do I manage everything? Good question…

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