David Noel

Hometown:  Miami, FL

City before Booth:  Houston, Texas

Undergraduate School and Major:
Economics, University of Central Florida

Fun fact: I’ve been 6’4 since high school but didn’t play sports. Instead, I was in the drama club and did improv and musical theater.

Pre-Booth Job:  Digital Strategist

Summer Internship:  Quake Capital

Concentrations at Booth: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management

Your Chicago neighborhood:  South Loop – close enough to the action but far enough for some peace and quiet

What are some of the student groups you’ve been involved with? Graduate Business Council, AAMBAA, Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital

Current leadership roles:  GBC Phoenix Cohort President, Venture Capital Career Advisor

Why did you choose Booth? The flexibility of the curriculum, the rigor of the coursework, and quality of professors and instruction. The community of extremely smart yet humble people and the classroom engagement with peers from all walks of life.

Favorite thing to do in Chicago?  Eat at new and exciting places

Favorite Booth experiences thus far? Orientation, hands down!

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