How Hopeful Entrepreneurs Get Their Start At Booth

In the first week at Booth, when meeting people for the first time, the norm is to mention where you come from and what you’re looking to recruit into, just to build a base for conversations. Suffice it to say that my introduction (which contained the key phrases “I plan to go back to India after graduation” and “While at Booth, I’m looking to work on my own startup as a full-time role”) attracted a few second looks of a particular kind. But then, these were followed immediately by “Oh, you know what? I know a couple of people who are doing something like that, let me introduce you to them.”

This feeling of community from the first week is what has defined my time at Booth as one of those hopeful entrepreneurs.

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Booth’s Private Equity Conference: what is the state of the industry?

Last week, I heard from some of the heavy hitters in PE on just that question at Booth’s 19th Annual Private Equity Conference. Hosted by the Private Equity Group (PEG) and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Booth welcomed more than 400 industry professionals to the event, including many alums in private equity. Taking place in downtown Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, the conference, titled “Investment Thesis Evolution: Growth to Buyout,” aimed to explore how firms are specializing and segmenting themselves to differentiate within an increasingly competitive industry.

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Women@booth series: Julia Boserup

The Booth Experience’s Women@Booth series aims to highlight the experiences of exemplary women leaders at the school. Over the month of March, we will speak to women across Chicago Booth to uncover their past experiences, understand what brought them to Booth, and get a sneak peek into what lies ahead for them. We hope these stories bring to the fore the people who make Chicago Booth a great community to be part of and inspire women around the world.

The first person to be featured in this series is Julia Boserup. Julia is a former professional tennis player who chose Booth to sharpen her business knowledge and move into the world of management consulting.

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Notable Black Alumni Series: Vicki L. Fuller, ‘81

As Black History Month has come to a close, we’d like to continue to showcase the many Booth alumni of color who continue to inspire us with their success in business and life. For this next installment of the Notable Black Alumni Series, we shine the spotlight on Vicki L. Fuller, former Chief Investment Officer of New York State Common’s $200 billion retirement fund, and previously, Managing Director of a global investment firm with AUM of $500 billion.

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