International Movie Night Gets Boothies Talking

One of the highlights of every week, is getting the chance to attend 2Y Marwa Darkhabani’s International Movie Nights. Marwa has been screening movies weekly since her first year at Booth and each screening asks an international Boothie to select a film and then moderate a conversation and answer questions about it.

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Pilsen

One of the hallmarks of Chicago is its 77 amazingly diverse neighborhoods, each with its own cultural history, ambiance, and personality. Chicagoans take pride in their neighborhoods, carefully choosing which to reside in and often thinking of their ‘hood as a reflection of themselves.

While there’s no way to explore every neighborhood during your two years at Chicago Booth, The Booth Experience team is here to help guide you through some of our favorites. First up in our new Neighborhood Spotlight Series: Pilsen.

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Starting at Booth with a Marathon Finish: Best Booth Moment Series

During our Winter Break we had an open call for Boothies to share their best moments at Booth. We kickoff this series by presenting to you a post by Kelly Carlquist who started her MBA with a Marathon finish.

Chicago holds a special place in my heart. I was born and raised in the western suburbs, college educated in its north side and, prior to Booth, a resident of Lincoln Park. And so, opening an email that read “Congratulations, Marathon Entry Approved!” meant I had won the lottery granting me the pinnacle experience combining my two great loves – the City of Chicago and running.

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Leadership Beyond LEAD

One of the reasons I came to Booth was to improve my leadership skills. Having been a student here for 6 months, I reconfirm that coming to Booth was the right decision regarding this goal. There are many opportunities to help improve your leadership skills, and I want to share some of them with you.

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