Bye Until Our Paths Cross Again, Part 2

Continuing from the earlier post this week, our bloggers this year bid you farewell as they turn over the reins to the new team of 2016.

Edward McDonald


Less than two years ago I was graduating from the Tisch School of the Arts and living the life of a starving artist in Brooklyn. Making films was a great departure from the career I had before as an officer in the Army. I wasn’t completely fulfilled and applied to business school in order to transition into something “different.” I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do; I just knew that I needed to be somewhere else. I needed some time to figure out what I wanted and knew a top business school could afford me that opportunity. Continue reading Bye Until Our Paths Cross Again, Part 2

Bye Until Our Paths Cross Again – Part I

Spring is here in Chicago. As spring represents coming of fresh leaves and flowers, here at TBE we would like to welcome the new team. That also means it’s time to say final goodbye from your favorite bloggers. So let’s hear from each of us as we bid our final farewell and express our gratitude at having such a fantastic audience.

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An exchange during my exchange…

As I mentioned in my last post, I am doing an exchange during my winter quarter at IESE Business School in Barcelona. At IESE, each semester of the 2nd year starts with an optional 2 week intensive immersion program before the semester actually begins. This semester three immersion programs were offered: Nairobi, Shanghai and Barcelona. (Note to reader, I had no idea this was offered when I decided to go to IESE.) I’d heard so much about Nairobi and its thriving entrepreneurial scene. I’m really interested in the economic development in the frontier markets of Africa, so going to explore Nairobi was a no brainer.

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Checking Out the New Retail in Millennium Park Plaza

Now you really never need to leave Millennium Park Plaza (MPP). That’s the running joke, now that the retail shops along Michigan Avenue are open on the ground level of MPP, a building where a substantial number of Booth students live. You may have had the opportunity to see the building this weekend if you took a housing tour during First Day (I recommend looking at it again some other time — the building management takes pains to make sure MPP looks great for the tours). MPP had been undergoing renovation for over a year that included moving the lobby and inconveniencing residents, so people are eager to finally take advantage of the benefits.

One of the best things about living downtown is that there are a ton of places to eat and shop. There are four new retail establishments in the building: The Protein Bar, Garrett Popcorn, Lids, and David’s Tea. These shops have two big things going for them — they’re new, and you do not actually have to go outside to get to some of them. Let’s review them. Continue reading Checking Out the New Retail in Millennium Park Plaza

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