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If you were at Reggie’s Rock Club on the 7th of February, you would definitely think the latter. That night, half a dozen or so bands made up solely of Booth students took the stage and rocked out to a crowd of hundreds. The only way you’d know it was Booth was from some of the bands’ names such as Frosty and the Beverages, Algorithm, and The Invisible Hand.


Cue the Lights: Boothies Take the Stage Outside the Classroom

It’s funny to look back on our days as children and think about what we wanted to be when we grew up. My aspirations were volatile, to say the least, but I do remember a few options: a professional athlete, a Navy SEAL, and a rockstar. Today, thanks at least in part to Booth’s celebration of diversity of thought and interests, I can easily identify members of my class whom have worked in each of those professions. What’s even more impressive to me are the number of students at Booth that are taking time to turn their own childhood dreams into reality.

Here are a two of their stories.

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Battle of the Bands – Booth ROCKS!

One of the aspects of Booth that I absolutely love is the fun rivalry we have with that other MBA program to the North, Kellogg.  It was something I did not expect coming into Booth at all (I assumed rivalries ended with college football!) but also something that I find myself getting super excited and competitive about every time.  Almost twice a quarter there is some Booth v. Kellogg event, from case competitions to conferences, to soccer, rugby, and flag football, all the way to my personal  favorite, BATTLE OF THE BANDS!

Every spring, our AudioBooth club organizes an epic battle between the incredibly talented musicians of both MBA programs.  I love the event because the music and energy is incredible, but also because I get to see my student peers show how talented they are beyond the classroom. This year was unbelievable- the bands left it all out on the stage and I was blown away by the talent of the musicians.

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Chicago Booth Idol

Current student Shelley Gupta shares her experience at AudioBooth’s recent performance in front of the Chicago Booth student body at TNDC.

As the AudioBooth co-chair and a performer/singer at Booth, I get to express myself and share my passion with my peers on a regular basis. AudioBooth is a student group that is tailored to all lovers of music. You do not need to be a musician to be part of this free club, as we promote not only Booth concerts, but also musical outings around Chicago. We all share a love of music together.

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