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Well then… let’s hit the road!

As some might remember I got to compete in the Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC) last year. We didn’t win. But I had my 5 minutes of fame. So now I am back to update you on my summer.

It is all about the people

Intoxicated by the entrepreneurial and social impact world – one of my SNVC teammates, Kevin Lam, and I have set out to create a unique opportunity for Booth students. Together with two more co-founders, Emma Rotenberg and Chris Boulos, we have launched the Chicago Road Ventures initiative that will give MBAs a chance to use the break between first and second year to experience said world.

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Chicago Booth Random Walk 2013: Chile

Each year prior to Orientation, small groups of incoming first year Booth MBA students, led by seasoned second year MBAs, spend a week traveling on “Random Walk” trips to exotic locations and getting to know one another.  Chicago Booth Class of 2015 MBA student Caroline Lu produced this video of her Random Walk to Chile.  In addition to Chile, other Random Walk groups this year went to Fiji, Russia, UAE, Alaska, and about 20 other locations around the globe.


Random Walk: Mystery Trip

Our next installment of the Random Walk Series is brought to us by Evan Coughenour, who went on the Mystery Trip. The Mystery Trip is designed such that all first-year students and their second-year trip leaders do not know their destination until they arrive at the airport on Day 1 of Random Walk. All they receive prior to the trip is a list of recommended items to pack! Based on what Evan has shared, it sounds like this was the trip of a lifetime!

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