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Getting to the Farm via B-School

One of the perks of designing your own MBA and your own internship is being able to set work aside for a moment so you can sit by a creek and watch the sun set beautifully. Before coming to Booth, I was a consultant in Lagos, Nigeria, where I saw most of my sunsets through the window of an office building or a vehicle in traffic.

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VIDEO: A Day in the Life of a Booth Student

What’s it like to  be a student at Booth? Take a look at a day of waking up in MPP, taking the 7:48AM Metra to Hyde Park with all your friends, class, group meetings, coffee and cookies with Dean Kole, attending Booth Stories, a little afternoon fro-yo from Kovler, studying in the “Harry Potter” library (not its official name), metra back, band practice at Music Garage to get ready for LollapaBOOTHa, play in the Running with the Bulls game versus Kellogg at the United Center, head over to Trivia Night in Old Town with your crew. Repeat.

Studying Abroad in Madrid

This post was written by Jenya Batratskaya (’16)

I always knew that I wanted to do a semester abroad as a part of my Booth experience, but when the time came to choose, I was torn between all the options – Chile, Japan, South Africa, UK, Singapore – you name it! And all are among the best business schools in the world. I ended up choosing IE Business School in my favorite European city, Madrid! Using a very business-school approach, I will divide my experience so far into three main buckets: Academic Experience, Social Life, and Travelling.

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Running With The Bulls

The Chicago Booth Basketball Club took to the court at the United Center for the annual Running of the Bulls game against Kellogg. Anyone who’s a fan of Michael Jordon knows it’s an honor to step foot on that floor, as told by fellow Boothie Ray Liu in this quick video. Our own TBE member Gordon Taylor, who is also on the basketball team, captured the action for us to share with you. We may not have won this one, but there’s always next year to take the title!

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The limitations of K-means: Why You Can’t Cluster Booth Students

Pardon the stats pun, I just submitted my Big Data midterm, and I’m pretty obsessed with the class. As a little background, K-means is a way to group people, things, etc. into “clusters” by finding the attributes they share with other members of the sample. Personally, I don’t think even Professor Taddy could build a clustering algorithm that could capture the myriad amazing attributes of Booth students. But I swear this post isn’t about stats. It’s about people.

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