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Incredible Booth Experience – Flying with Ronald Falcon

Today’s blog post is about second year MBA student Ronald Falcon. I have known Ronald for many years (well before business school) and this is a story that I was excited to be a part of. Ronald is a trained pilot and has been flying Boothies (or anyone brave enough) around the Midwest while working on his MBA. I have been lucky to participate in a few of these flights. The views of the Chicago skyline and the cool people you meet across the state are Booth memories I will hold onto forever. I hope you enjoy the video.


About Ronald: Before Booth, Ronald was an aerospace engineer, business owner, and musician. He has degrees in music (bachelor’s) and aerospace engineering (bachelor’s and master’s). He enjoys serving his community as a search and rescue pilot with the Civil Air Patrol. During the summer, Ronald earned a scholarship to work as an investment banking associate for a bulge bracket bank in their Technology/Media/Telecom (TMT) coverage group. After successfully completing his internship, Ronald decided to pursue a leadership position with Burger King in Miami, Florida.

Summer Internship Series: Private Equity in Chicago

This week TBE caught up with Federico Gonzales, who shared his experience interning in private equity. Read on if you want to learn about what a private equity intern does, how Booth’s Private Equity and Venture Capital lab course helped Federico land his position, and what advice he has to offer those recruiting for PE internships.


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Summer Internship Series: Brand Management in Chicago

Curious about what a Brand Manager does all day? You’re in luck! This week Justen shared with TBE what it’s like to spend the summer getting a taste (no pun intended) of the Associate Brand Manager role at Kraft Foods. Check out his post below to learn more about his internship and how Booth prepared him for a transition into marketing.

– Beth
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