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Can Economics Save the World?

The University of Chicago has been the home of groundbreaking economics research for decades. The school boasts several Nobel-prize winning professors, two of whom are currently active members of Chicago Booth faculty—Eugene Fama and Richard Thaler. In addition, the school has been a staunch advocate for free speech and has constantly empowered students to ask tough questions. Such a rich culture and history makes the school the center of active debate on pressing issues related to economics and beyond. To carry this tradition forward, the school hosted Professor Abhijit Banerjee, the 2019 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics to discuss whether or not “Economics Can Save the World.”

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Modern Data Science vs Traditional Economics from Steven Levitt of Freakonomics

The University of Chicago is well-known for its rich economics program, producing rigorous academic research and six current Nobel Laureates (#notsohumblebrag). However, it’s not all just academia here. Steven Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, has been a professor at the University of Chicago since 1997. Levitt has arguably been the most publicly influential economist in the last 20 years through his best-selling popular economics literature, blog, and podcast.

A few weeks ago, through the Becker Brown Bag series, Levitt discussed a Booth student’s favorite topic—data—and how modern data science has introduced new approaches to data not traditionally seen in economics. Furthermore, Levitt introduced to the audience his next big project with ambitions to tangibly change the world.

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