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Reflections on the World MBA Summit: What Business can learn from the Arts

As the curtains came down in Miami, I reflected with my team of fellow Boothies on how immersive the past three days had been – we were at the World MBA Summit, hosted from March 9th to 12th at the University of Miami, and at several locations around the city. At this conference, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of the world’s top MBA students about a topic that I am deeply passionate about – “What Business can learn from the Arts.”

The World MBA Summit is a 3-day conference featuring the top-100 MBA students from around the globe. It is in a creatively-designed program that facilitates stimulating conversations and exchange of ideas. Personally, the conference gave me the opportunity to have some deeply transformative conversations; and share something with a diverse, international audience that stems from my background as a classical musician.

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Global Social Impact Practicum: Learning About Clean Energy and People

Emily Haddad is a joint student at Booth and the Harris School of Public Policy. She interned this past summer at a Chicago-based impact investing PE firm and a Denver-based healthcare technology startup.

Last month, I spent seven days in India as part of a new Booth class—the Global Social Impact Practicum. The Global Social Impact Practicum is led by Booth’s Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) and supported by the Tata Trusts, India’s largest philanthropic organization.

Starting with the trip to India in December, my fellow students and I will then be working with the Trusts throughout Winter Quarter on a consulting project exploring how bamboo can be used in rural India as a form of biomass to generate renewable, clean energy and to create jobs.

See the rest of Emily’s article in the online edition of Booth’s student newspaper Chicago Business.


Prepare to be Transformed

When I accessed the Booth admitted student website for the first time, I read “Prepare to be transformed.” I thought, “What an overstatement.” I was so wrong.

LEAD was the first step in transforming my leadership skills; I gained a great deal of self-awareness and a toolkit to have top of mind. I had many leadership opportunities as a co-chair of the Triathlon Club and of OUTreach, our LGBT student and allies group. I couldn’t be more proud of the fact that Booth became the most represented school at this year’s ROMBA, the national conference for LGBT MBAs. Moreover, I’m stretching myself with improvisation classes at Second City, where Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert started their paths. This is just an example of how Chicago not only allows us to access culture, restaurants, and clubs but also provides unparalleled opportunities for students to become better business leaders.

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How Boothies Spend Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time to relax, eat way too much food, and enjoy some time off before the last week of classes for the winter quarter. I personally spent my Thanksgiving break at home in DC with my family, and while going home may be the norm, it’s by no means the only way Boothies spend Thanksgiving.

For those students who stick around in Chicago, the Graduate Business Council (GBC) hosts an annual International Students Thanksgiving dinner for 70 students at a Chicago restaurant on Thanksgiving-eve. Some of the more adventurous students chose to take a vacation – for example, second-year student Pallav Mehta organized a trip with five Boothies to Puerto Rico for some sun and sand over the long weekend (including great dinners, beaches, old San Juan and a trip to the bio luminescent bay). Other students spent the weekend with classmates. Last year, current second-year Marta Valer, who couldn’t make it to her hometown of Zaragoza, Spain, went home with friend and classmate KR Ling. It was a typical Thanksgiving – well, for the most part…

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Team ‘Maestro’ wins NVC 2015

Pushya is an incoming second year at Booth, majoring in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, curious about the startup scene in Chicago and originally from India. She is the People Editor and a writer for Chicago Business (ChiBus), Booth’s student-run newspaper, and a TBE guest blogger. Her following story appeared in a recent issue of ChiBus.


For a pitch that went right before lunch, in a packed C25, which does not otherwise turn warm, Team Maestro was fervent in it’s purpose, confident of the focus on the young achiever market and extremely excited about the engineering marvel they brought to demo, all the while talking about good food.  Putting their product where the mouth is, Team Maestro defied Murphy’s Law and put on a live demonstration of their product- all the judges got a taste of what the Maestro machine can cook and Dean Kumar got a full portion, in no way detracting from the eventual outcome.

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