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The Harper Center Interview: Coming Full Circle at Booth

On the second floor of Harper Center, you’ll find the Career Services Interview Suite, full of seemingly endless, alphabetically ordered interview rooms most of us know really well. I’ve had lots of big moments here over the last few years.

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VIDEO: A closer look at Booth’s Contemporary Art Collection

One of the things that makes the environment at the Harper Center unique is the rich collection of contemporary art that adorns the walls – in fact, Harper houses the largest contemporary collection among any business school in the country and the third largest in Chicago. I was inspired to learn more about the Booth Art Collection after getting back to school from my summer internship and finding a pretty bold new piece hanging from the ceiling – Parker Ito’s A Lil Taste of Cheeto In the Night –  a giant mass of LED lights and strung up canvasses that’s impossible to miss.

Check out this video blog in which Professor Canice Prendergast provides some context around this piece and the Booth Art Collection as a whole, as well as some student takes on the art: