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Veterans Day at Chicago Booth

On Veterans Day, I always think about those who have served, those who are currently serving, and those who will serve. But it is also hard for me to think about veterans without thinking about the impact of the University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman – the father of America’s all-volunteer force.

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Back to school!

Great to meet you! My name is Drew Thomas. Before Chicago Booth, I served 10 years in the U. S. Navy as a pilot.

I am looking forward to sharing my Booth Experience with you this year. Of course it is not all class, recruiting and clubs are a big part of this experience. I suspect it will be more time spent with clubs, such as the Armed Forces Group, as a second year than recruiting. My Booth Experience is not individual; my wife Jen and brand new daughter Cate are in this with me. So check back here information on what partners do at Booth as well.

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Three Things to Keep in Mind as an Early-Career Candidate

In keeping with my trend of threes, here’re three things I recommend early career candidates keep in mind as they dive into the MBA research process:

1. Why you want an MBA (important) and why you want an MBA now (incredibly important). This is a no-brainer. Asking why you want to get an MBA is in almost any application you’ll pick up, and you should have a clear answer to this question. However, as an early-career candidate, there’s also an imbedded question here – you should be ready to describe why you want an MBA today. There is no right answer to this question – but it’s definitely something you should be thinking about.

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Business School: A Family Affair – An Inside Look at the Booth Interview Training Program

The recent sea of suits, ties, and high heels at the Harper Center signals the beginning of another year of internship recruiting on campus.  However, before most first years step into the hallowed halls of the interview center, they have already spent countless hours in preparation with the help of second years who have been there before.  This pay-it-forward culture is amazingly pervasive at Booth, and something that makes the school unique.  One of the seminal events each winter (and a shining example of this culture) is the Interview Training Program (ITP) that allows first years to participate in a full, videotaped mock interview with a second year volunteer.

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Landing the Perfect Internship

While first-year students have been busy with on-campus recruitment for internships, second-year students have been volunteering to help through various Career Services programming and case interview prep. In this week’s post, Nupur Bhargava describes her experience giving back to the Booth community and assisting first-year students on their internship hunts.

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