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Scotch, Depilatories, Viagra, Leather, and Hipster Glasses

The next few posts on The Booth Experience will be written by first-year students as part of the Career Trek Series. Career Treks at Chicago Booth usually take place during winter break and allow students to visit firms outside of the Chicago area. The treks are coordinated by student groups and expose students to some of the top firms around the world. The first Career Trek Series post is by Ying Liu, who recently attended the Marketing and Retail career treks.

What do the above items have in common? No, they’re not accessories featured in one of Rihanna’s music videos. They’re products made by just a selection of the companies which the Marketing and Retail career treks visited in NYC over winter break.

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Summer Internship Series: Start-ups in San Francisco

Hey everyone! So although the Harper Center has been relatively quiet the past few weeks, the students at Booth have been exposed to all sorts of interesting projects and given a great deal of responsibility as part of their summer internships. Here at The Booth Experience, we’ll be highlighting our students’ internship experiences, which span a multitude of industries, job functions, and geographic locations. Our inaugural post is from Sibo Zhao, who is a product manager at Zynga in San Francisco this summer.

– Dana

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Community at Booth

Hello again. With round one of the application process behind us, I thought I would talk a little about the Booth community. No matter your interests, background, or demographics, one of the great things at Booth is the active engagement via student led groups. While you can find a comprehensive list of the groups at Booth through the Web site, today I am going to talk a little about my own personal experience with the Armed Forces Group (AFG). This will of course just be one specific example about a single group, but I can assure everyone that each student group has comparable functions and engagement. Continue reading Community at Booth

Summer Recap

As summer starts to fade away and the beginning of the school year comes closer, my second year classmates are returning to Chicago armed with stories and offers from our internships, and the incoming class of 2012 has returned from their Random Walk adventures and are now here in Chicago for Orientation. We all had great and unique experiences over the summer, and it’s interesting to hear the stories and adventures from old classmates or new friends. Continue reading Summer Recap