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My Spring Break in Palestine

If you’d asked me at orientation where I thought I’d spend spring break, I would not have guessed the Occupied Territories of Palestine. I decided to go on Pal-Trek for a few reasons: learn more about the Israel-Palestine conflict, talk to...

Booth Spring Break 2018

Following a long week of finals, we are now in the midst of enjoying Spring Break! Which means a week off of classes before beginning Spring Quarter. And for many Boothies, that means travelling with fellow classmates to exciting locales around the...

#FBF to #BoothSpringBreak!

With how much has happened since spring quarter started, it feels like a lifetime ago that we were on #BoothSpringBreak! Here’s a quick look back at what we were up to three weeks ago!

My Big, Fat, Boothie Wedding

Spring Break 2016 was not your typical Spring Break… at least for me. Even though I travelled with 30 friends to a warmer, southern location, I was not going crazy every night. Instead, I got married (which may be crazy in your books!).