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How Boothies Spend Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time to relax, eat way too much food, and enjoy some time off before the last week of classes for the winter quarter. I personally spent my Thanksgiving break at home in DC with my family, and while going home may be the norm, it’s by no means the only way Boothies spend Thanksgiving.

For those students who stick around in Chicago, the Graduate Business Council (GBC) hosts an annual International Students Thanksgiving dinner for 70 students at a Chicago restaurant on Thanksgiving-eve. Some of the more adventurous students chose to take a vacation – for example, second-year student Pallav Mehta organized a trip with five Boothies to Puerto Rico for some sun and sand over the long weekend (including great dinners, beaches, old San Juan and a trip to the bio luminescent bay). Other students spent the weekend with classmates. Last year, current second-year Marta Valer, who couldn’t make it to her hometown of Zaragoza, Spain, went home with friend and classmate KR Ling. It was a typical Thanksgiving – well, for the most part…

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What are we thankful for…?

With Thanksgiving comes a whole mix of emotions for most of us here at Booth. Excitement for all the fun holidays activities – whether it be the long Thanksgiving weekend, countdown to Ski Trip, the many ugly sweater parties or even the first snow of the season (which just so happened to hit Chicago this past weekend). Anxiety that finals are less than two weeks away – wait, we have grade nondisclosure… And of course, a little bit of sadness that we are almost one quarter closer to graduation and the end of this amazing business school journey.

Knowing that this experience won’t last forever, we at TBE wanted to take the time to reflect on what we are most thankful for, and to learn the same from our classmates. So this week, during the busy lunch hour, we went around the Winter Garden to ask a handful of our amazing classmates, “What are you most thankful for about your Booth Experience?” Here’s what we heard…

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