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A Guide to Random Walks

When you’re considering Booth as an option for your MBA, you’ve likely also heard about how admitted students like to go around the world with their future classmates on trips called Random Walks (or RW). [Let’s take a moment to snicker at the name, it’s very Booth – data-driven, analytical, “punny” – and you should probably just get used to it.]

Whether you’re strongly committed to going on Random Walk, or mildly flirting with the idea, here’s TBE’s (ok mostly mine) unofficial FAQs about everything RW.

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Random Walk-ing Through the World!

For those who are not familiar, Random Walk is the deliciously nerdy name that Booth uses for our pre-orientation travel bonding experience. Groups of 10-12 incoming first years are led by 4 second years in a week-long trip to a foreign country. Through Random Walk, I’ve had the experience of snowboarding down the Andes in Chile and rappelling down a waterfall in Panama. Not only did I experience new ways to descend mountains, but I also developed a tight-knit network of friends who helped me navigate the intimidating transition of starting at a new school. In fact, I felt so close with my first year trip-mates that we decided to go on Random Walk again this year as the leaders of RW Panama. I couldn’t imagine my Booth Experience without Random Walk, and it seems like this year’s first years feel the same way:

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More Boothies Abroad

In case you thought Booth students only studied abroad in Paris, here are some pics from other second-year Boothies scattered around the world during the 2016 Winter Quarter.

Thais Muntada Cavinatto (HKUST – Hong Kong)

12737091_10153878127768397_285355037_o (1)

Having the opportunity to experience new adventures and learn about not only another totally different culture in the other side of the world but also about my inner self has been incredible! Yoga practicing at sunrise in Thailand!

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How Boothies Spend Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time to relax, eat way too much food, and enjoy some time off before the last week of classes for the winter quarter. I personally spent my Thanksgiving break at home in DC with my family, and while going home may be the norm, it’s by no means the only way Boothies spend Thanksgiving.

For those students who stick around in Chicago, the Graduate Business Council (GBC) hosts an annual International Students Thanksgiving dinner for 70 students at a Chicago restaurant on Thanksgiving-eve. Some of the more adventurous students chose to take a vacation – for example, second-year student Pallav Mehta organized a trip with five Boothies to Puerto Rico for some sun and sand over the long weekend (including great dinners, beaches, old San Juan and a trip to the bio luminescent bay). Other students spent the weekend with classmates. Last year, current second-year Marta Valer, who couldn’t make it to her hometown of Zaragoza, Spain, went home with friend and classmate KR Ling. It was a typical Thanksgiving – well, for the most part…

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Nepal Random Walk!

Before the official school year starts, almost 300 first year Boothies and partners will be led by a group of second years on trips around the world. These incredible trips—Random Walks—are a way to bond and grow friendships in the Booth community before the start of classes. Random Walks usually end up being one of the most memorable moments of your MBA.

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