Victoria Yunger


Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

City before Booth:  Tel Aviv, Israel

Undergraduate School and Major: Communication and Management, Tel Aviv University

Last Position before Booth:  Project Manager at Dataworks

Summer Internship: Product Marketing at ThoughtSpot

Current Leadership positions: Epicurean Club co-chair, DMAC (Dean’s Marketing Advisory Committee) co-chair, Israel Country Captain

Concentrations at Booth: Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship

Why did you choose Booth? I’m here because Booth was the right answer for me as an individual, and for my family as a Boothie couple. Here, my husband and I can grow together without growing apart. We enjoy the big city life, flexible curriculum, tight-knit community, and feel constantly challenged, in a good way.

Some student groups you’ve been involved with? Epicurean Club co-chair, DMAC (Dean’s Marketing Advisory Committee) co-chair, active member of Armed Forces Group, Technology Group, PhotoBooth, Marketing Group, Retail and Luxury Group

Favorite Booth moment or “Booth experience” and why? AFG gala event, a glamorous night which is all about celebrating Booth’s veterans. We also had Booth celebrity guests: Dean Doug Skinner and Eric Gleacher (Yes, THE Gleacher, also a Marine and Booth ’67 alumnus). Oh, what a night! Never felt prouder in my life!

Favorite class/professor? Negotiations. Taking this class not only provided me with a weekly adrenaline rush, but also broadened my perspective about interpersonal communications. One of my key takeaways was that there are different ways of winning, which is relevant to many personal and professional domains.

Favorite trip taken with fellow Boothies? Cuba during winter break, in a group of 12 strong. We had a wonderful opportunity to get familiar with Cuba on its rich history and mesmerizing sights, while creating memories that will last a lifetime (No wi-fi? No problem).

Favorite thing to do in Chicago? Eat! As an Epicurean Club co-chair, I am lucky to have immersed myself in the top-notch local culinary scene through different events. This city is simply unmatched in terms of what it has to offer to foodies, with numerous cuisines, local prodigies, and Michelin star venues.

Fun fact about you? I have a twin sister. Although we’re not identical, we were almost indistinguishable until age 16 (well, we had something to do with that: we started dying our hair in different colors).

One thing you wish you had known when applying for MBA programs? The MBA is a melting pot. It’s the combination of students’ unique profiles and contributions that creates a whole bigger than the sum of the respective parts. Don’t worry about fitting an “MBA mould,” as it is simply does not exist. Be you, own your story, and shine bright like a diamond!

Why did you want to join The Booth Experience team? This platform and Booth’s other social media channels really conveyed to me the rebellious, intelligent, bold, unapologetic spirit of the school. I was truly inspired as an applicant. Later as a first year student, I enjoyed contributing to TBE as a guest blogger, so now I feel very honored to be a part of the TBE team.

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