Running the School’s Newspaper (Chibus)

Chicago Business is an entirely student-run newspaper. Serving out updates for students and alumni, it’s also one of countless opportunities to get valuable leadership experience at Booth while pursuing personal interests at the same time.

Mo Bhasin, the Editor in Chief for the newspaper, briefly tells us about the best parts of running Chicago Business.

The newspaper is autonomous from Booth and is thus a small business in itself – we raise money through ads and recruit based on talent. Unfortunately this means fundraising is a big part of our work, and it’s hard sometimes; fortunately it means we have creative and literary freedom in what we publish.


The coolest part of ChiBus? Our Wed lunch content meetings (no pizza here!)

With the help of The Amazing Lauren Anderson (head of marketing), I was able to assemble a diverse team of seven of our peers that has been pivotal in the newspaper’s success. The team plays off each other, jokes around downloadand through positive discussion the content ends up being eclectic, egalitarian and engaging. Learning about hiring, team dynamics and growing our institutional presence has been an invaluable experience that I will carry with me for the rest if my life. Sadly though, I still don’t know how to use a semicolon 🙂

The newspaper ended up being an amazing way to get unfettered access into the lives of hundreds of Booth students that we get to showcase bi-weekly. It may not be top of mind for young professionals looking to further their job prospects but, for me, it’s been a gem of an experience.

And I get to be called Boss!

Mo also appears in our new gallery, MBAs at Booth.

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