If they are important to you…

If they are important to you…

If they are important to you…

My daughter was born the night before my Corporate Finance midterm.

I will quote from my Corporate Finance Syllabus, “I do not allow taking exams outside of the scheduled exam times… the only exception for the midterm is a documented medical emergency.” Is having a baby a medical emergency for the father?

Even before spring classes began, I reached out to professors and let them know that my wife was due in the middle of the quarter. True to her word, my professor allowed me to reschedule – even without documentation. A number of friends found out my wife, Jen, had gone into labor when it was announced that the clause from the syllabus was actually in effect – others found out when I got up and left in the middle of my class the day before! All of my professors were extremely thoughtful and accommodating, from the first email to Cate’s arrival.

I ended up taking my exam the next night at the Gleacher Center, although my professor had given me a number of options to take the exam at a later date.  I was only a few blocks away and my wife and daughter were sound asleep, and we had tons of family just hanging around in the hospital.   I am not sure Jen even noticed that I was gone for the two hours.

Booth Partners

If you have a spouse, are in a long-term relationship, or have kids, you already know that every decision is made by more than one person. And while that often makes decisions harder, it also makes them more contemplated and better supported. Anyone important to you affects your decisions. Attending Booth was a decision Jen and I made together. Building our family was also a decision we made together. Committing to massive multi-tasking was simply a known by-product.

It’s nice to know you have a community and resources to help make your move, your multi-tasking, or just your life less daunting and more efficient.   For instance, I found a dentist through the Booth Partner’s club spreadsheet for Doctors and Dentists. You will often find people in the partner’s club who have lived in Chicago a long time, and many who have never lived here.

The Booth Partners club is a ready-made opportunity for your partner to make new friends and acquaintances, explore Chicago with a group of friends, find a play-date for your child, or find a workout class. You don’t even have to read this blog to find out more (or find a dentist), just go to the club website and you can see what they are up to. There are useful pieces of the website for everyone.

Booth with a Family

Business school is likely to be the most flexible time in your adult life, with many ways to spend your time. Options, as you know, have value. My wife works full-time, and I go to school – thank you Jen. I get to raise our daughter during the day and go to class in the evenings – thank you Chicago Booth.   I will say we had some particularly well-planned (read: lucky) timing, as I was not recruiting with a child, but people do it. The option to take classes in the evening, and the general flexibility in the schedule, has been a defining and enabling part of our Booth Experience.