Cohorts Compete for the Cohort Cup!

As you probably know, each class at Booth is divided into 10 cohorts. We spend the first month of school our first year with our cohorts in Orientation+ (of which LEAD is a big component). Then throughout the year, we have events and competitions organized by cohorts: The Golden Gargoyles Film Competition and Awards Night, a Field Day style competition at Windy City Field House, trivia nights, a Booth Beach Olympics in the spring, etc.

The first official event of the 2015-16 Cohort Cup Competition is underway this week, with the Windy City Photo Scavenger Hunt. Items on the list include taking a video explaining your favorite piece of art in Harper Center, enjoying a frosty beverage at a famous Irish bar in Chicago, and doing jumping jacks in front of a historic pizza place. Check out photos from the competition on insta. ¬†Current standings are as follows (by number of posts — points differ for post content).

Current Cohort Cup Standings

Windy City

The event ends on Saturday so check back this weekend for winners and a highlight reel!

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