[QUIZ] Which Nobel Laureate is your Spirit Professor?

Ever wonder which Booth classes you’d enjoy the most? Well, they say the professor makes the class so why not find out which Nobel you have the most in common with. Take this quiz to see who is your Chicago Booth Nobel Spirit Professor!

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[QUIZ] Which Nobel Laureate is your Spirit Professor?
George Stigler

You got George Stigler! Professor Stigler received the award for his fundamental contributions to the study of market processes and the analysis of the structure of industries. Legends say that Booth's seminal Competitive Strategy course is underpinned by his research. Now go get those rents!
Merton Miller

The other half of Modigliani, Merton Miller was recognized for pioneering work in the theory of financial economics from the standpoint of corporations. Your passion for industry harkens back to the father of all things debt and equity from a capital structure standpoint.
Ronald Coase

The Coase with the most! Ronald Coase was awarded the prize for his discovery and clarification of the significance of transaction costs (when they're absent) and property rights (don't matter) for the structure and functioning of the economy. Tell that to our loan processors!
Gary Becker

Gary gary, so contrary. As one of the first Chicago economists to introduce concepts of human behavior and interaction into explaining markets (shaping the seminal Firm and the Non-market Environment at Booth), Professor Becker's teachings would surely serve a scintillating conversation for your interests.
Robert Fogel

A humanist in these hallowed halls, Robert Fogel's work applied economic theory and quantitative methods in order to explain social change (e.g., the role of the railroad industry in emancipation). Your aspirations to do good would make Professor Fogel a fine companion with whom to have a cup of Folgers.
Myron Scholes

Buy low, sell high! Of the famed options valuation formula, Professor Scholes's methodology paved the way for economic quantification in many derivative areas. It also generated new financial instruments and facilitated more effective risk management in society. Your finance leanings make him the perfect advisor.
Eugene Fama & Lars Peter Hansen

Boothies may be busy but are we efficient? Your (bonus) double spirit laureates know the answer to that! Recognized for their empirical work showing that asset prices could be explained, your intellectually curious background make these two fellas your ideal coffee chat.
Richard Thaler

Nudge, nudge, poke, poke. Guess who? It's your spirit laureate Dick Thaler. Known for his work incorporating psychologically realistic assumptions into analyses of economic decision-making, Professor Thaler has shown how human traits systematically affect individual decisions as well as market outcomes. Your social adeptness makes you the perfect disciple of Thaler.

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