#byebooth from the 2017-18 TBE Team

As the outgoing Booth Experience team, for what seems like the last 10 weeks we’ve been asked how we felt about graduating, so we thought we’d give you a few of our top 10s.

a) Things We’ll Miss About Booth

1.) Seeing people on the Metra
2.) The daily emails from the Polsky Center
3.) Dean Kole’s coffee hours
4.) Booth Crimes

5.) Free Kovler lunch vouchers when volunteering for things
6.) 11:30am and 4:30pm email release
7.) Always an interesting lunch activity on campus
8.) Wicked smart yet humble folk
9.) Incredible guest speakers
10.) The pass you get as a student for not knowing something

b) Best Pieces of Advice We Got at Booth

1.) Grades don’t matter
2.) Pick ‘em up

3.) Make sure you know your BATNA and ZOPA
4.) Secondary market Winter Formal and Spring Fling ticket prices always go down right before the event starts
5.) It’s not who you are, it’s what you do (with your bid points)
6.) Pay it forward
7.) The best approach is the Chicago Approach
8.) Don’t schedule a Friday morning class
9.) The omelette is the best deal at the Kovler Cafe
10.) The nook besides Kovler has an aspirin vending machine AND a Farmer’s Fridge

c) Reasons Why We Loved Being #TheBoothExperience Team

1.) Kate Hoffman, our Admissions Director leader
2.) Benihana
3.) When candidates we’re interviewing talk about posts they liked
4.) Press passes to sold-out events
5.) Getting pieces picked up by other MBA publications
6.) Meeting new people and hearing their stories
7.) Leftovers in Admissions Lounge
8.) Brainstorming ideas together
9.) Rocking a limited edition “Why are you here and not somewhere else?” shirt reserved for TBE collaborators
10.) Hearing from prospectives who have read our blog!

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