Get to Know Bo Shi

I’m a self-described hometown kid—Chicago being my hometown. I grew up in the Northwest suburbs and attended the University of Chicago for undergrad, majoring in economics. At UChicago, I realized my passion for learning and my interest in using data to explain the world.

These led me to pursue strategy consulting, where every few weeks I learned about new industries and evaluated different business problems. After a couple years, I transitioned to a growth-oriented private equity firm, where I focused on software and technology investments.

Now at Booth, I’ve tried to immerse myself in new experiences and challenges. Through both professional and academic avenues, I’ve explored tech, startups, VC, innovation, marketing, and leadership. I’m spending this summer as an MBA Business Planning Intern at Microsoft, where I hope to learn how large technology companies innovate and bring products to market.

Any top business school will provide an amazing network, top-notch career opportunities, and endless opportunities for fun. However, there is one thing about Booth that no other school can match: Booth is rooted in the University of Chicago’s rigorous academic tradition.

There is a reason why there are more Nobel Laureates at Booth than any other business school combined. It’s the same reason why we as students are able to choose our own adventure from the start. Those who associate with Chicago Booth and the University of Chicago more broadly care about learning and the pursuit of knowledge. Educated dissent and debate is celebrated. Just watch Richard Thaler and Gene Fama’s coffee chat video for reference. Two Nobel Prize economists with completely different perspectives both thrive under Booth’s roof.

As a Double Maroon (two degrees from UChicago), I feel a particularly strong connection with Chicago Booth and the University at large. Those who know me will tell you I’m always excited to share my love of the city and the institution. Need a recommendation? Feel free to ask! I’ll give you the scoop on anything, from the best place to nap on campus (Harper Memorial Library) to the best after after after party (The Hangge Uppe).

While the Loop has its perks, my fiancé and I chose to live in South Loop for a more neighborhood feel. It may not have the most active nightlife, but I like the fact that when I come home, it truly feels like a home. Plus, almost every train line runs through South Loop, so it makes it very easy to get anywhere else in the city. Finally, Grant Park is my backyard and Chinatown is only a short walk away. When I’m not at home or in Hyde Park, you’ll probably find me hanging out (i.e., eating) in Pilsen, Logan Square, or Bridgeport.

You’ll likely see me a lot on campus, as I’m probably involved in too many activities. On the professional side, I’m a co-chair of Private Equity Group, actively participate in Technology Group and Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital Group, and am also a Toigo Fellow and Booth Scholar. In terms of social groups, I’m a co-chair of Booth Dance Club and a member of Epicurean Club and Booth Basketball. I’ll also be a LEAD facilitator for the Bond and Nobels cohorts.

I can’t wait to share all of my Booth experiences with all of you this year!

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