Get to Know David Noel

I’m originally from Miami, FL and after getting my degree in economics from the University of Central Florida, I worked in investment banking at Deutsche Bank. After realizing that I wanted to get more involved with strategy, I transitioned into working at a boutique creative agency helping startups and e-commerce companies with their customer acquisition and digital media strategies. Working with startups in this capacity is what got me excited about entrepreneurship, and eventually led me to enroll at Chicago Booth.

From choosing to be in the high school drama club when all my friends were joining the sports teams to taking the leap from my full-time job to do Booth SBSP, I have always chosen my own path. For these reasons, I aspire to bring a very unique perspective to the Booth community and flourish in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” credo that is ingrained in the Booth DNA. 

The Booth MBA serves as a critical inflection point in my professional career where I would like to channel all that I have learned about traditional companies through a structured and rigorous MBA framework to launch myself into the exciting world of startups, venture capital investing, and eventually launching and scaling my own company. If you are like me and are interested in entrepreneurship, you will soon see that Booth helps you develop a thorough understanding of management as it relates to startups. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain structured mentorship, engage in intellectual debates with professors and classmates, and benefit from the collision of ideas, cultures, and perspectives. There is so much to learn and experience during your two years here and it goes by so fast. But it’s worth it!

This coming year you can catch me serving on the Graduate Business Council representing the Phoenix Cohort, career advising for venture capital, and of course bringing my writing skills to The Booth Experience blog as an Admissions Fellow. I’m looking forward to sharing insights of my Booth Experience with you over the next year!

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