The Real impact of Booth’s Pay-It-Forward Culture

The Real impact of Booth’s Pay-It-Forward Culture

You’ve heard it before. Booth prides itself on its culture, especially the way members of the community pay it forward. I wanted to share with you some of the ways I have directly felt the benefits of such a culture as well as how I have contributed to it.

The 2nd Year Facilitators of LEAD

LEAD was jam packed full of awesome programming that could not have been possible without all the 2nd year facilitators who spent countless hours in training and preparation. They went out of their way to make themselves accessible and be our first on-campus advisors. When I took a step back and reflected upon my LEAD experience, it was easy to see how much work and planning they put into the program to welcome us into Booth. Now, as a second year students and having seen my friends go through the same training, I can confirm that they not only work really hard, they also have an incredible passion and desire to help orient the next class. My experience was directly shaped by such dedicated people.

Career Advisors

Just about every first year at Booth calls on at least several Career Advisors (CAs) for advice. These CAs are 2nd year students who are experts in a certain recruiting sector (corporate, marketing, healthcare, etc), and volunteer their time helping first years navigate the complex recruiting process. In my first year, I used at least half a dozen CAs to help me with resume writing, cover letter editing, interview prep, and more. One of the most useful unspoken benefits of CAs is that they can help you calm down even though recruitment can be highly stressful. As a 2nd year, I am now a CA, and it is one of my most rewarding experiences as a student.

Everyone when it comes to prospective students

Booth students care about helping those outside the community determine their fit at the school. Almost on a daily basis, we see a note from a student asking if anyone else has a similar prior career path as a prospective student he/she is talking to. We are eager to help identify the best person for a prospective to speak with so they can get the most out of the conversation. And when admitted students are looking to get to know the school even better, we spend countless hours preparing and coordinating fun and engaging activities. What I have found is that Booth students very much care about the next generation. We want to make sure that people are sure of their fit and feel welcomed before they commit. And that’s why I’m here today.

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