Ashley Allison

Hometown:  Maplewood, NJ

City before Booth:  New York, New York

Undergraduate School and Major:
International Relations, Tufts

Pre-Booth Job:  Healthcare, Project Management

Summer Internship:  Bank of America

Concentrations at Booth: Accounting, Finance

Your Chicago neighborhood:  The Loop – I love running on the lake

What are some of the student groups you’ve been involved with? African-American MBA Association, Investment Banking Group

Current leadership roles:  VP Global Affairs, GBC Exec Board

Why did you choose Booth? It was the friendliest of all the programs I looked at.

Favorite trip taken with fellow Boothies? Random Walk to Thailand and Spring Break Colombia Trip

Favorite Booth experiences thus far? Orientation because everyone is so open to meeting new people. Random Walk because I made some great memories.

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