Carson Cunningham


Hometown: Cleveland, OH

City before Booth: Boston, MA

Undergraduate School and Major: Ohio State, Electrical Engineering

Last Position before Booth: Systems Engineer at RoviSys

Summer Internship: Consulting at Deloitte – Chicago

Current Leadership positions: Basketball club co-chair, First Day Squad Leader (rounds 1 and 2), Random Walk Leader

Concentrations at Booth: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management

Who are you? Until moving to Chicago, I’ve never actually spent a full year living in a city outside of Ohio. I’m a native Clevelander and big sports fan, especially basketball, which until the 2016 NBA Finals was a sore subject to talk to people about. My interests include all things related to technology, whether it’s information security, video games, or social media. When I’m not scrolling through social media apps, you can find me on the basketball court, out on the golf course, or on the beach.

Some student groups you’ve been involved with? Follies, Basketball Club, DSAC, Boxing Club, Management Consulting Group, Common Chromosome, Public Speaking and Communications Group, Flag Football Club, Wine Club

Favorite Booth moment or “Booth experience” and why? When arriving at customs in Colombia on Spring Break, one of our classmates was having trouble entering due to her international VISA expiring less than 6 months from the time we arrived. An agent told us that she would be going home on the next flight back to the US. I was convinced there was nothing that could be done to prevent this. Even the travel agency who booked the entire trip did not believe there was anything that could be done. Very little English was spoken there, so while she was having a difficult time being able to communicate with the agents, another classmate who is from Colombia immediately got on the phone with the Colombia Consul to discuss the situation. I couldn’t believe it, but miraculously she was allowed entry due to the strings pulled by our classmates from Colombia. It just truly demonstrated how much people here are willing to help each other out here.

Your Chicago neighborhood and what you like about it? The Loop. It’s so easy to get anywhere, whether it’s via the Metra, the CTA, walking to River North, or finding an Uber quickly.

Fun fact about you? I amassed almost 1 million total loops (views) and over 16,000 followers on the now defunct mobile video sharing app “Vine.”

Favorite/most used app on your phone? Twitter. Borderline unhealthy addiction. I actually don’t understand how the rest of the country follows a live event in real-time without it. Whether it’s global news, sports, or weird humor, there is no better place for up to date content than Twitter.

Why did you want to join The Booth Experience team? I always welcome the opportunity to tap into my creative side, particularly through multimedia. I wanted the opportunity to give a full perspective on what student life is actually like here, and TBE seemed like the best way to showcase the full range of opportunities I’ve been exposed to.

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