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Upside of uncomfortable

Booth is all about pushing the limits of your comfort zone. You’re encouraged to take risks. To branch out—sometimes way out—from what you know. The school has your back all the way.

Before Booth, whenever I was asked “Who are you?” I’d say, “I’m a marketer, I’ve been working for over 5 years and happy to count many global brands as my clients.”

However, it was during my MBA application process I encountered a follow-up question that pressed past my comfort zone. The question of all questions—the one that sparks trepidation among many who are embarking on their business school journey.

“But really, Who are you?”

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Behind the Scenes at the Funniest Show at Booth

Follies is an annual show and an outlet for Boothies to show off their talents singing, dancing, and writing / performing hilarious sketches. While the show took place last Friday, weeks of hard work went into creating it, including a pretty grueling week of rehearsals. Check out this gallery for a behind the scenes look at rehearsals, and stay tuned with The Booth Experience for videos of the show as they go up! (Check out hilarious sketches from past years here.)

The Faces of Follies: A First Year’s Inside Look

With auditions this past week (and a fun karaoke event last week to get the Booth community excited), the Harper Center has been abuzz about Follies. With a multitude of ways for students to get involved, whether it’s singing, writing, dancing, or producing, Follies is an excellent way to showcase the talent we have at Booth (and we have fun doing so!). Check out footage from last year’s show on the Follies YouTube channel.

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