Yelihan Fofana


Hometown: Conakry (Guinea), and London (UK)

City before Booth:  London

Undergraduate School and Major: Smith College, Economics and Spanish

Last Position before Booth:  Technology Consultant

Summer Internship: Strategy Consulting

Current Leadership positions: Co-Chair for the Chicago African Business Club, which involves creating awareness of Africa-based opportunities and building a community for Boothies with an interest in the region; Admissions Fellow & Student blogger, which involves working on this awesome blog!

Concentrations at Booth: Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Why did you choose Booth? Because of the people. I found that even throughout my application process I was able to connect with the people, students and alumni, and get a true sense of the school’s culture and how I would fit in the community. Everyone is also incredibly supportive due to the strong “pay-it- forward” culture.

Some student groups you’ve been involved with? I have been involved in the Booth Tech Group and participated in this year’s tech trek to the West Coast. I have also been involved in the African Business Group, and participated in international week and First Day.

Favorite Booth moment or “Booth experience” and why? During Fall Frolics, our annual first-year event where cohorts compete in a slew of events ranging from pool to dodge ball. We (the Nobels cohort), decided to come up with a haka chant inspired by the New Zealand rugby team; not only did we practice the chant, we also performed it in front of our opposing cohorts. I’m not sure it was an effective intimidation tactic, but what was amazing to see was everyone joining in the fun and not taking themselves too seriously.

Favorite class/professor? My favorite class so far has been Negotiations, with Thomas Talhelm. It is one of those classes that’s tools I believe I will still use when I look back 10 yrs from now.

Your Chicago neighborhood and what you like about it? I live right between the New East Side and the Loop, which is an ideal location as I am close to so many Boothies, and a 10 min walk from the campus downtown. The neighborhoods as well as the pier are within walking distance, and the views are of the city and lake are great.

Favorite thing to do in Chicago? I am always on the hunt for the best places to eat, especially brunch, my favorite meal. I also just like to roam around the city with my camera, to take in the amazing buildings and architecture. When you live in the heart of the city itself, you sometimes forget how beautiful it is.

Favorite/most used app on your phone? It’s probably a tie between Pinterest and Instagram – I’ve caught myself spending hours on these apps just scrolling and pinning. I go on Pinterest for the fashion, and on Insta for social and for the memes.

First thing you thought when waking up this morning? “Snooze or meditate?” I meditate when I wake up every morning but often times the snooze button can oftentimes be really tempting.

Why did you want to join The Booth Experience team? The Booth Experience student blog was an important resource for me when I was applying to Booth, since I was not able to do campus visits as an international student. I wanted to join the team to continue to deliver stories and content for that audience, as well as share my overall experience in the student groups at Booth.

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