Share the love: V-DAY inspired experiences at Booth

Share the love: V-DAY inspired experiences at Booth

While business school might not seem like the most romantic place on earth, Chicago Booth is full of surprises. Looking back at this week at Booth, I got to participate in two stellar events that turned my Valentine’s week into the most memorable to date.

The first was Navigating the Grey, an annual event that encourages Boothies to reflect on dealing with vague areas in life and work, through stimulating panels. Seated in roundtables, my peers and I enjoyed a delightful lunch while listening to a distinguished group speak about making trade-offs in line with one’s values. Moderated by Dean Stacey Kole, two Booth alumni power couples discussed achieving success not only in the workplace, but also in the home and family.

Covering global and domestic perspectives as well as varied industries, the panelists shared stories about the constant balancing act of professional and personal life. And how to grow separately without growing apart. The advice that resonated with me most was that it is imperative to showcase patience and forgiveness in the wake of challenges.

The following day, I participated in another event, this time part of the popular Alumni Breakfast Series that brings current and former Boothies together. Held at Booth’s downtown campus, the Gleacher Center, an inspirational alumna who is a business owner discussed “doing what you love,” entrepreneurship, and self-fulfillment in an energized exchange over coffee and pastries. She also shared with us her experiences of joining forces with her Booth alum husband in entrepreneurial initiatives, and how they made it work as a couple and business partners, complementing each other’s strengths.

Receiving guidance from such an enthusiastic business owner was a great vehicle to reflect about meaning and connection between us, those that surround us, and our actions. Attending this breakfast with my husband Oren (who is also a first-year Boothie) was moving, as we are getting to know each other on brand new and exciting dimensions in the MBA, becoming a unit that’s greater than the sum if its respective parts.

This week’s programming at Booth was inspired and emotionally intelligent, offering food for thought for students in any status of their lives. Booth, as always, proves to be a program that is not only brilliant in analytical frameworks, but also in self-empowerment resources that turn students into more aware and balanced leaders.