Get to Know Kate Nimmo

Get to Know Kate Nimmo

I was born in New York City but mostly raised in Wellesley, Massachusetts (which led to a very tumultuous adolescence as a Yankees fan living in Red Sox territory as the Sox were ascending to greatness). Prior to Booth, I spent two years each in Seattle and San Francisco, so after experiencing life on both coasts, I decided I would be remiss if I didn’t also explore the middle of the US. Despite the lack of saltwater coastline, I’ve loved running along the extensive lakefront of Lake Michigan (the view of the skyline from Adler Planetarium is my favorite spot in Chicago).

Before coming to Booth, I worked at Mainsail Partners, a growth-focused private equity firm in SF. This summer, I’m continuing that path by interning in PE at Providence Equity on their Strategic Growth team. I was initially attracted to Booth for its strong focus on finance and analytics, which I thought would complement my undergraduate degree in English Literature from Dartmouth College. However, when I visited campus as a prospective student, I was also sold on the pay-it-forward culture I saw exemplified — as well as the opportunities for experiential learning in lab classes, which pair in-class lectures with out-of-class projects and/or internships for credit. It goes without saying, the caliber of the faculty here at Booth is unparalleled (demonstrated most notably by our Nobel Prize winners and cited researchers), but the access to my professors outside of class as resources and mentors has been incredible.

Speaking of the fabulous professors, my favorite courses in Y1 were New Venture Strategy and Reputation, Regulation, and Communications – How Media Influences Business. Both courses were discussion-based and pushed my classmates and me to tackle how we would respond to real-world, complex topics. It isn’t just about coursework here at Booth though; there are incredible opportunities to socialize and get involved in other aspects of campus life. I dove right into the experience by going on a Random Walk to Peru (and am leading RW New Zealand later this summer), which has been my favorite trip taken with fellow Boothies so far. I’ve also also gotten involved with the multitude of club offerings at Booth and will serve as a co-chair of the PE Group this year.

I’m looking forward to sharing my perspective with you over the coming year!

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