Tell Your Story: Omar Chris-Rotimi

Tell Your Story: Omar Chris-Rotimi

Where are you originally from? And what did you do prior to Booth?
I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and lived there for a few years until my family emigrated to Houston, Texas to pursue new opportunities. I’ve lived in Houston ever since and hope to go back to raise my family in the future. Prior to Booth, I worked in health & benefits consulting.

What made you want to go to business school?
Although I enjoyed my time in health & benefits consulting, I did not see myself there long term and wanted a new challenge. I decided to go to business school because I wanted a career change. I also wanted to fill my gaps in business knowledge and meet new people with different backgrounds from me. I knew coming to Booth would give me the skills and experiences necessary to achieve my short and long term career and personal goals.

What specifically about Booth was attractive to you and what do you hope to do afterwards?
I liked Booth’s humble and friendly reputation and the experiential learning opportunities. In general, UChicago is known for being very “lowkey” compared to peer schools. Most Booth students and alumni I’ve interacted with have been humble and easy to talk to, which makes it easy to fit right into the Booth family.  Coming in, I was excited to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities such as Social Enterprise Lab, Board Fellows, and Startup Summer, and have enjoyed all of these experiences.

A fellow Boothie and me outside Rent at the end of 1Y

Describe your Booth experience thus far.
My Booth experience so far has been characterized by many highs and a few lows. I’ve learned a ton from my peers and professors, traveled, had an amazing internship experience, and met great people who will be in my life way after Booth. As I reflect on my Booth experience, I’m excited by how much I’ve grown since starting the program.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I’m really into experiences. I’d rather spend money on live show tickets or a trip than material things. Thankfully I’ve gotten to see many musicals/concerts and travel since starting business school. I’m especially lucky that Chicago is a great city for live performances. My goal is to see Hamilton a second time before it leaves the CIBC theater in January.

Me outside Takeshita Dori in Tokyo, Japan this past summer