Economies of Scale: booth’s acapella group

Economies of Scale: booth’s acapella group

My favorite club at Booth from Day 1 has been Economies of Scale. No, it’s not a weight loss club, as a few people have thought. Economies of Scale is Booth’s Acapella group! It turns out not that many people think they are good at singing because whenever I try to get more students to join they say, “You don’t want to hear me sing.” Well, what I love about Economies of Scale is that we are open to all ability levels and are just here to have fun.

Our yearly tradition is to sing Christmas carols in the Winter Garden for fellow Boothies. This year we performed the week before finals to spread some holiday cheer and lighten the mood. We got to do a quartet for the performance, so each person sang their own voice part in common holiday songs such as Jingle Bells and Deck the Hall. We even changed the lyrics to 12 Days of Christmas to be Booth themed, replacing “Partridge in a pear tree” with “Ten thousand bid points free.” Because we can all use a little help getting into New Venture Strategy with Schrager. Can you believe that went for over 8,000 bid points?!

To get ready for the performance, we practiced at my apartment in Millennium Park Plaza (MPP), the building where many Booth students live. During our last day of rehearsal, I had the bright idea to actually go caroling around the apartment building. We knocked on a few doors and gave some Booth students a surprise private concert. Then we headed down to the MPP lobby to sing in front of the newly decorated Christmas tree for the students coming and going.

While we have been known to practice at the Karaoke place down the street, this impromptu performance may have been my favorite show yet because it was low stakes but gave us more opportunity to show our friends all of the hard work (and fun!) that we have put in to practicing the songs.

Now that Winter quarter has started up, we’re working on learning some love songs. The Christmas caroling around MPP was such a success, we are going to perform Valentines Singing Grams for Boothies and their loved ones upon request. I can’t wait!

Being a part of the Economies of Scale acappella group has really shown me that despite not having any acappella experience before joining this group last year, I can actually lead a group of singers. It has also helped me really deepen my friendships with the other members of the group and get to know people that I would not have otherwise met.

Singing has really brought us together to not only learn new music, but to have fun doing it and I hope that these traditions stay alive when I graduate from Booth.