My Virtual Internship

My Virtual Internship

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at JPMogran Chase as part of the CAP Program.

I was initially supposed to intern at the NYC office, but then COVID-19 hit, and the in-person experience I was hoping for became virtual. I’ll be honest, prior to the start of my internship I had many concerns. I was worried that not working in a traditional office setting would make it difficult to form relationships and understand what JPMC is really like.

Yet, my summer internship completely exceeded my expectations and turned out to be awesome for so many reasons. For starters, I got to work alongside incredible mentors and formed relationships with amazing people. JPMC has a unique firm culture, everyone is extremely nice, always happy to help and dedicate time, and really interested in connecting. I didn’t feel Zoom imposed barriers in this aspect.

In addition to the people I worked with, I loved my projects. I got to do “real” product management work and my deliverables are currently used by the teams I worked with. Seeing my work directly applied to the ongoing operations feels incredibly rewarding. On top of that, my managers and co-workers really took me under their wing, exposing me to many aspects of product management (even beyond the scope of my projects) and constantly provided feedback, support, and guidance – they really blew me away.

Finally, the fact that everyone worked remotely made it easier for senior leaders from all over the world to meet with us. The program organized weekly Zoom sessions in which we could interact and learn from senior leaders. Additionally, they also organized structured networking sessions, which made it easier to meet people from different parts of the firm (not just the teams I worked with) and interact with other CAPs.

I am so happy I interned at JPMC and would love to be a resource for anyone interested in the program!