10 Reasons Every Chicagoan Should be a Bulls Fan

10 Reasons Every Chicagoan Should be a Bulls Fan

Growing up in the Chicago-land area, the Chicago Bulls were a huge part of my upbringing. They made my immigrant family feel at home in this new country, watching Michael Jordan lead the city to unprecedented heights that brought pride to the city of Chicago. In honor of the team leading the Eastern conference this year, here are the top 10 reasons every Chicagoan should be a Bulls fan. As Mavericks guard Tim Hardaway Jr. said, “All I can say is, the Bulls are back, man.”

  • The Chicago Bulls have history. They have the NBA’s greatest dynasty, winning six NBA championships between 1991 and 1998 with two three-peats. All these were led by icons Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and coach Phil Jackson. 
  • On that note…Michael Jordan. He is the greatest of all time, winning not only six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, but also selected as the NBA Finals MVP each time. More than anything, Jordan wasn’t just the greatest player — he made his teammates better players.
  • The impact to come. There is no comparing Michael Jordan to Kobe, LeBron, or Steph Curry. As Kobe said in “The Last Dance” documentary, “What you get from me is from him. I wouldn’t get five championships here without him.”
  • Benny the Bull. Benny, the Chicago Bulls mascot, is a red bull who wears number 1. Benny is one of the oldest and best known mascots in all of professional sports with dance moves and backwards, half-court shots that players in the league are envious of.
  • Their greatness started early on. The Bulls were the first team to win more than 70 games in a season, setting the bar high for teams to come.
  • Continuing to set records. While the Bulls have not reached the playoff finals in some time (though that’s primed to change this year), the time when they did, the team never lost a finals series.
  • The homecoming king, Derrick Rose. Rose was a Chicago kid who became the youngest player in NBA history to win the league MVP award. At 22 years old, D-Rose led the Chicago Bulls to the best record in the NBA.
  • The team has the best jerseys and branding in the league. The Bulls have been around since the ’60s and for the most part have kept the same uniforms and iconic logo. Other teams change their styles significantly and often, but the Bulls are always iconic and consistent.
  • The team had a global impact. The Chicago Bulls shifted the NBA to a worldwide phenomenon. In the 1990s era, the NBA opened offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, expanded the league in Canada, and held international contests in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 
  • The fans. Chicago Bulls fans support the Bulls through triumph and defeat. They show up at home and away games consistently, proving the Chicago Bulls have the best fans in the NBA.  

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