Booth’s Flexible Curriculum, Part IV

Booth’s Flexible Curriculum, Part IV

Spring has sprung in Chicago, and we are back with another article on the Flexible Curriculum. This time we caught up with Prachi Kulkarni, one of the co-chairs of Booth Technology Group, to learn more about how she leveraged the Flexible Curriculum to transition into Technology (Tech) roles.

Prachi, a current second-year student, has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and worked as a Technology Consultant at Deloitte before Booth. While at Deloitte, she worked on product implementation projects for Healthcare and Life Sciences clients. During that time, she realized her passion for products and her inclination toward the Tech industry. Having discovered this area of interest, she used her time at Booth to pivot from Consulting to Tech, and post-graduation will be joining SoFi as a Senior Product Manager.

Prachi joined Booth knowing her interest in Tech, and, leveraging the Flexible Curriculum, she honed in on classes that piqued her interest. She curated a curriculum that met her academic and professional needs. Prachi enthusiastically mentions the phenomenal experience and exposure through the New Product and Services Lab. As part of the Lab, she worked on a product-related issue for a Health Insurance Company. She emphasizes how this experiential learning opportunity helped her gather insights into different stages of a product—strategy, ideation, and implementation.

The other course that she highly recommends is App Development, a class where she learned how to build a web-based app from scratch. Prachi emphasizes that the course focuses on core-technical concepts and hands-on applications and has equipped her to collaborate better with engineers as a Senior Product Manager at SoFi.

Prachi highlights how the Flexible Curriculum helped her double down on Tech with additional electives such as Artificial Intelligence, a course that helped develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts related to Artificial Intelligence and one that she fondly calls a course for the present and the future! Maximizing her exposure through the Flexible Curriculum, Prachi also took courses that helped her improve her skills in receiving and giving feedback (Interpersonal Dynamics) and decision-making (Managerial Decision Making).

Talking to Prachi brought to the forefront the wide variety of courses offered at Booth—we are both graduating in a few weeks but had taken very different classes at Booth. The flexibility provided by the Flexible Curriculum, coupled with the diverse courses offered at Booth, helps students have varied and personalized experiences. Prachi confirms that the Flexible Curriculum helped her become more well-rounded.

As the year is coming to wrap, so is this Series on Flexible Curriculum! We will be posting the last article in the next few weeks. Here is the link to other articles on Flexible Curriculum.