Booth Retail & Luxury Group Heads to New York

Booth Retail & Luxury Group Heads to New York

Guest Blog by Nadia Rangwalla

Earlier in February, a group of 15 Booth students went for a two-day trek to New York City as part of programming for the Retail & Luxury Group. We had the opportunity to visit the offices of some of the biggest global fashion and luxury brands. 

Our schedule started with a trip to H&M where we learned about how the brand is thinking about their sustainability strategy, and ended at L’Oréal where we met with four MBA graduates who are now working in a variety of functions including marketing, analytics, and finance. Along the way, we met with executives at Macy’s, learned about LVMH’s NFT and crypto initiatives, and danced along to a marching band at Pernod Ricard’s Black History month celebration. 

As a second-year figuring out my full-time plans this trek was an invaluable experience. I was able to learn about the various career paths post-MBA in the retail industry and how large conglomerates like LVMH and L’Oréal think about the different brands in their portfolio. Also, through the networking opportunities, I was able to meet and make connections with several people at these companies. 

I think my favorite part about trek was being able to experience it with the great group of Boothies that came along. As a co-chair of Retail & Luxury Group, we have been planning this trek since the beginning of the year. It felt so rewarding to see it all come together across those two days and to see how much everyone learned along the way. I think there is a strong interest in the fashion and retail industry at Booth, and the trek was the perfect way to be able to explore these industries more in-depth amongst like-minded individuals.