Boothie Resolutions

Boothie Resolutions

New Year, New Boothie right? WRONG!

My New Year’s resolution this year was to stop fixating so much on productivity. Ironic, I know. But I just felt exhausted by the thought of making all my goals OKR-like. Get X salary, run X miles, drink X glasses of water a day. But I still wanted to have something that I resolved to do that helped me achieve my goals! Just not in a way where I set intense targets and deadlines that ultimately make me feel burnt out and unproductive at all times.

So, my new year’s resolutions ended up being:

  • Stand/sit up with better posture
  • Read at night more before bed
  • Buy all the skin care products all the time (I did not need this as a resolution to continue to do so but this my feel good one ok)

I decided that I won’t rigorously monitor these all year round, They’re just passive reminders of non-work/fitness related things that I’d like to do a little bit more.

As I went through my resolutions, I decided to reach out to the Booth community and see what some of my peers were doing for theirs!

Vihan Muthanna

My New Year’s resolution is to make at least one new friend. Something slightly more serious – my actual resolution is to exercise every single day.

Andy Manzanares

(i) Vegetarian January (I would do vegan but don’t think my body can go very long without milk chocolate) and (ii) be more proactive about reading my book(s) when I have small pockets of time

Rishi Sriram

My NY resolution is to be more intentional with my time. It’s easy to get lost in the amount of things happening and forget to carve out space for what matters most. I’m being more intentional with my scheduling, getting into a better sleep routine, and generally trying to prioritize the people and events that matter most to me. I also want to train my dog to jump up and push the elevator button on command, but that seems harder.

Mariela Bucio Aguilera

Focus on what brings me joy.

Tim Reichmann

My new year’s resolutions include: skills to develop, habits to deepen / areas for personal growth, and relationships I want to maintain and deepen. On the skills front, I want to improve my skiing and surfing skills and continue to work on my Spanish abilities. For habits and personal growth I want to keep up my fitness and healthy eating habits and continue to build new friendships and community through hosting dinners and parties. I also want to grow as a person through my enrollment in Interpersonal Dynamics. I took Leadership Studio last year in Winter Quarter and got a lot of value from thinking about how I relate to others and show up in life and I expect Interpersonal Dynamics will be a similarly rich learning opportunity. Lastly, as I look forward to graduating this spring, spending the summer traveling, and then starting full-time work in the fall I have two goals: come back from my travels refreshed and ready to work and to remain in touch with my Booth friends (even the ones who aren’t moving to NYC) as we transition back to the full-time working world again.

So what is (or isn’t) your New Year’s resolution this year?