Armaan Bhatia

Hometown: Noida, India

City Before Booth: Gurgaon, India

Undergraduate School and Major: St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India; Bachelors of Arts – Economics

Pre-Booth Job: Senior Associate Consultant, Bain & Company (India)

Summer Internship: Bain & Company (Dallas, USA)

Concentrations at Booth: Strategic Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Behavioral Science

Favorite Booth Class/Professor: VC Lab (Jason M Heltzer)

Current Leadership Roles: Lead Facil, Admissions Fellow, Co-chair Booth Cricket Club, Scout at StartU

What are some of the student groups you’ve been involved with?
Cricket Club (Co-chair)
South Asia Business Group
Management Consulting Group
Booth Dance Club
Net Impact Club
Wine club
Booth Behavioral Science Group

One thing you wish you had known when applying for MBA programs?
Enjoy the process! The entire application process is stressful, but irrespective of the decision, MBA applications have been one of the most introspective journeys in my life which helped me build fulfilling applications for schools. I wish someone would have nudged me to enjoy the process as much as stress over the deadlines and story-line!

What’s your advice for admission applicants?
Be authentic! Each person has a very individual and personal journey which is a culmination of your professional and personal experiences. Focus on bringing that out in the most authentic way possible rather than solving for what version of yourself is suited for the school

Why did you choose Chicago Booth?
I chose Chicago Booth because of three reasons – 1) The community of people who always have a strong willingness to help each other and find equal happiness in the success of others as their own, 2) The flexibility of the curriculum which allowed me to navigate my MBA journey and build my personal Booth experience based on my areas of interests including PE/VC, strategy and entrepreneurship and 3) The notable professors and the wealth of knowledge they possess. I am looking forward to taking up Dr. Rajan’s class on International Corporation Finance and Scott Meadow’s class on Commercializing Innovation. For me when I got through Booth, I felt like a kid in a candy store ready to soak in everything that the school had to offer!

What is your favorite Booth Experience?
LEAD (Leadership Development Program) – it has been an extremely humbling experience for me interacting with 39 other LEAD facils coming from extremely different backgrounds (professionally and personally) and building meaningful relationships, developing a module for the LEAD course to be delivered to the incoming class of 2024 and the bonds of friendship developed with the LEAD coaches and staff members.

What do you hope an MBA will help you achieve in your future?
An MBA will be a stepping stone for me to build my professional journey internationally, it will provide me with a community of people who I can reach out to at any time in my life and knowledge that can shape my professional and personal experiences in the short term and long term.

Fun Fact: I am all in for sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Your Chicago Neighborhood: Lakeshore East (Loop), 7 minute walk from the famous MPP!

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
Biking on the Lakeshore Trail

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