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My Favorite Class at Booth

There is no shortage of incredible classes to take at Booth. It’s a tradition that second years share their all-time favorites in our #academics Slack channel each quarter, which inevitably sends course bid point prices skyrocketing. If you’re...

Where Students Go to Thrive

September in Chicago brings the first crunchy leaves, chilly breezes, and countless adorable children headed to their first days of school. Boothies, laptops and nameplates in hand, aren’t far behind them. We usually cross paths with the UChicago...

How I’ve Changed at Booth – Part 1

As an Admissions Fellow, one of my responsibilities is conducting interviews. At the end of my interviews, I always leave 10 – 15 minutes for the candidate to ask me any questions. One of my interviewees from the Round 2 interview process...

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