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Winter Break: Patagonia Trek

Oh Booth winter break, how I’ve missed you! Last year, winter break was the glorious reward after a busy first quarter balancing school and summer internship recruiting. But this year as a 2nd year student, it’s a bittersweet reminder that the Booth...

Chicago Booth Random Walk 2013:  Chile

Chicago Booth Random Walk 2013: Chile

Each year prior to Orientation, small groups of incoming first year Booth MBA students, led by seasoned second year MBAs, spend a week traveling on “Random Walk” trips to exotic locations and getting to know one another.  Chicago Booth...

A Quarter of Booth, Told in Photos

Rather than compose a traditional blog post, Chris Hauck has shared the story of his first quarter of Booth through photographs. I hope you’ll have as much fun as I did following what seems to have been a very busy and exciting quarter!

Random Walk: Vietnam

It may technically be fall, but with the start of the school year the Winter Garden is still abuzz with talks of summer travel so our series continues. This week, first year Misho Ivanov discusses his Random Walk to Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Random Walk: Mystery Trip

Our next installment of the Random Walk Series is brought to us by Evan Coughenour, who went on the Mystery Trip. The Mystery Trip is designed such that all first-year students and their second-year trip leaders do not know their destination until...