What teamwork means at Booth

What teamwork means at Booth

Whether it’s doing homework, competing in a case competition, or planning an event for the student body, Boothie teamwork plays a huge role in shaping both our experience and our outcome. One of the best parts about working in Booth groups is each individual brings a unique perspective to the table as a result of their diverse experience. Here are 5 groups I’ve been a part of that have defined my time at Booth.

Business Solutions Group

The Business Solutions Group (BSG) is where teams of 5 first-years work on a consulting project for a Chicago start-up led by a second-year engagement manager. When we took part in BSG, my team and I were in our first quarter at Booth and getting into the thick of school-life and recruiting. Having a group of people who were going through the same experience as me was helpful, not only in working together on the solution for our client, but also in figuring out how to navigate the challenging landscape of business school. Additionally, having a supportive second-year coach helped us stay on track and learn from each other while we delivered our final presentation. My BSG group was so instrumental in shaping my first-year experience that I decided to become a coach my second-year and was able to pass on the torch!

New Products Lab

New Products Lab is an experiential learning class where you go through the product development process for an actual client with the support of the professor and a faculty coach. Our project entailed everything from brainstorming product ideas to forecasting potential revenue for our product. Each member of my group had a unique professional background and skillset—economic consulting, entrepreneurship, product management, and finance. Also, as our group consisted of two first year students, one second year, and two part-time MBA students, we represented a variety of different business school experiences. Our differences allowed us to learn from each other while finding a way to redefine innovation for our client.

Marketing Interview Family

Given the intensity of business school recruiting, finding a core group of people to help you go through the process is a no-brainer. This effort was made easy for me through the Marketing Group, which put together interview families consisting of a few first years recruiting for similar roles/internships and a second-year family lead who helped us interview prep. The leader of my marketing family gave up countless hours during his second year to practice and refine our stories so we would be in shape for our interviews. Similarly, the other first years in my group were right by my side in terms of practicing, providing feedback, and giving encouragement when I needed it the most. Needless to say, I’m extremely grateful to all the members of my marketing family for helping me secure my internship!

LEAD Squad

Leadership Effectiveness And Development (LEAD) is a leadership development course that every Boothie goes through in the first quarter of business school. At the beginning of LEAD, you are assigned to a 6-person squad. In our LEAD squads we explore many aspects of ourselves from our strengths and weaknesses to our previous professional experience and goals during and after school. While our LEAD squads give us an ability to get to know 5 other first years on a deeper level, it also allows us to kick off the process of forming deeper bonds with other Boothies from the get go.

The Booth Experience Team

While it might seem like the various members of the TBE team write and publish our posts independently, we actually work together all the time. Whether it’s pitching ideas for posts in our weekly meeting, keeping our social media channel active, or scouting guest bloggers, the TBE team works together to make sure we are able to exhibit the full view of what it means to be a student at Booth. I’m grateful to be working with a team of talented writers and editors who I’m proud to call my fellow classmates!

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