Get to Know Nicole Newman

Get to Know Nicole Newman

Prior to attending Booth, I worked in education on the administration side as a data science and operations manager. My day-to-day varied tremendously. I enjoyed knowing that I made a difference and seeing the impact of my work. After four years in non-profit roles, I decided to take the plunge and apply to business school.

Chicago Booth was my first choice because of its location, analytical rigor, and pay-it-forward culture. First, I fell in love with the beauty of Chicago and vowed to live in the city at some point in my life. Second, Booth’s analytical approach to problem solving has enabled me to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to thrive as a leader. Lastly, collaboration is the cornerstone of Chicago Booth. I am able to lean on my classmates and they are able to leverage my insights as well. I truly feel like I’ve found a family away from home.

I relocated from Chicago to San Jose, CA, to intern as a product manager at Adobe this summer. I am working on a new data science initiative to connect marketers to the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) space. When I am not at work, I enjoy day trips to Napa Valley, exploring San Francisco (nearly an hour away), and visiting Palo Alto. There are so many opportunities in tech here on the West Coast. I have six weeks left in San Jose, and I can’t imagine leaving just yet!

I’m looking forward to sharing more about my life at Booth in the coming year!

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